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The movie was the third highest grosser at the box-office for the year. Despite the large revenues, the film was criticised for being unfaithful to the original television series Mission: Impossible by focusing more on the star (and also producer) Tom Cruise's character Ethan Hunt rather than emphasizing teamwork. At the same time the film made the central character of the television series, Jim Phelps, a traitor in the CIA. The script was also criticized for being too complicated, a twist on the usual complaints that summer blockbusters are too lowbrow and simple. However some fans regard it as much more faithful than its immediate sequel Mission: Impossible II. The second sequel, Mission: Impossible III however, was praised for its use of teamwork in various missions; a trait very much in line with the original series.


Monday, September 10, 2007


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Plot summary

Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is an agent who serves as a point man on a squad of intelligence operatives known as IMF, which is headed by Jim Phelps (Jon Voight). The movie begins with the team assembling for a mission in Prague to stop a traitor from stealing the Non-official cover (NOC) list—a comprehensive list of all IMF agents in Eastern Europe which includes their call signs and their real names. The mission goes inexplicably wrong, apparently resulting in the assassinations of nearly the entire team, including Phelps, leaving Hunt the sole survivor.


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Historical incidents similar to those in the film's climax:


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References in popular culture

The success of Top Gun has seen it have a cultural influence in society which has spawned many references, some of which lampoon the film: